The Easy Ryder Golf Cart is brand new to North America and provides an opportunity to inject a new dimension of fun and independence into the golfing experience. The Easy Ryder provides a new revenue stream for golf courses, while giving golfers an individual, private, personally controlled game, allowing for faster rounds and greater focus on individual play.


The Easy Ryder Golf Cart is lightweight, electric, highly stable and leaves virtually no impact on turf. With a 14 year performance record, the Easy Ryder has proven to be exceptionally dependable, with more than 3,000+ carts in use throughout Europe, Australia and many other countries.

Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 standards assures high quality performance. Powered by a 36V Gel battery system, a quick 6 hour charge time provides 50 km / 30 miles of use, more than enough for 2+ full rounds. The 6 layer fiberglass body and premium paint finish will leave the Easy Ryder Golf Cart looking new for years. The sealed drive train is direct to axle without belts or chains, making it virtually trouble and service free. The solid steel frame is powder coated to protect against the elements.

The 13" x 6.5" turf tires only produce a 3 PSI footprint allowing golfer's to approach the fringe of any green without damage. The Easy Ryder Golf Cart allows golfers to be independent of their playing partners, allowing for faster play, personal privacy and control.

Introduce a new dimension of fun, independence and pace of play with Easy Ryder !

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